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Copy of 130DB Emergency Personal Alarm Key Chain

Copy of 130DB Emergency Personal Alarm Key Chain

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An alarm that  PROTECTS  your loves one

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  • EXCELLENTLY DESIGNED - This cute ladybug is tiny and is the perfect attachment to your handbag, belt or school bag. 
  • 130 DB-SUPER SOUND This alarm is loud! In a dangerous situation, or just one where you need help, it will draw the attention of people who are a good distance away (and scare anyone away who are not there to help).
  • AGE APPROPRIATE - The design and function is ideal for all ages. You will feel much safer having this protection for your children, your elderly parent or even for yourself while waiting at that dark isolated bus stop.
  • LOW POWER CONSUMPTION - The four included button batteries (LR44) is all it takes to keep this ladybug going.
  • IT’S A FLASHLIGHT! - Just the thing you need when trying to find that small item at the bottom of your bag or even that keyhole late at night!